19. 04 - 21. 04. 2012 .


Balkans by Nights




Day and night two complementary and opposing axis of the human existence. Dream and darkness, darkness and light as fundamental world view notions. Human between the forces of darkness and forces of light religious concepts of night. The rituals of night and the day rituals mysticism and magic, secret societies and networks, plotters. The night as time for philosophical contemplations and creativity. Night vigils.
The night in the traditional society. Dream and darkness are traditional the traditional notions of night? How do we narrate our dreams? Demonization of darkness once upon a time and today.
The modern colonization of night as part of the urbanization process. Everyday life and everyday night:

  • The lightening of the night electrification, neon lights, night shop windows, light signs of the night, advertisement never sleeps, the electricity regimen
  • The night as a work time. The norms of the night evening classes, evening hour, night transport, sleeping cars, night clothing. Night labor night watch, evening and night editions, night programs.
  • Dark and twilight aspects of night: the night as order and disorder, criminality, prostitution, police. The Balkan mysteries.
  • Night life. Night as festiveness and scene. The personages of night. Night publicity, club cultures, entertainment places, underground cultures. The cities which never sleep. The Balkan capitals of night.
  • Secret, hidden and shared; night intimacy, night transformations and representations of gender. Age dimensions of night.
  • The personal experience of night in the autobiographical narratives.
  • Im available all the time: Virtual nights as a new phenomena, day and night face-book, all night on-line, muted talks.


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