24. 02 - 27. 02. 2011 .


The Balkans and Their Peripheries


Preliminary Program

  • The Balkans in the scientific space of East and West

- The institualization of the Balkan studies:

- University status of the Balkanistic knowledge;

- Balkansitic periodicals and Balkanistic issues;

- Balkanistic meetings, congresses and forums;

- Balkansitic institutions;

- Balkansitic media, Balkansitic networks and Internet communication.

  • Anthropological approaches and Balkansitic discussions:

- The Balkan family in the discussion focus.

  • Where and how the Balkans end:

- Closed and distant Balkan neighbors;

- Balkans outside the Balkans;

- Emigration groups from the Balkans and Diaspora;

- Balkan cultural phenomena and cultural export.


Югозападен университет "Неофит Рилски" - Благоевград